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Discount Depot Nell

Platform Bed Color: Black Size: Full/Double

Platform Bed Color: Black Size: Full/Double

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The Hot Spots Of This Metal Bed Are Its Simple Design And Classical Lines. It Is Designed To Fit Your Bedroom And Provide A Fun Place To Sleep. Strong Bedstead And Manufacturing Experience Can Avoid Noise Vibration And Scratches. It Accords With Ergonomic Design And Provides You With Comfortable Sleep. The Bed Frame Is Made Of Steel With Ultimate Strength And Safety Design Where Its 6 Legs Contact The Floor For Durability And Stability. Simply With A Mattress You Will Enjoy A Sweet Sleep! There Are 12 Inches Of Storage Space Under The Bed Which Provides Ample Storage Space. It Is Easy To Move Access And Can Place Storage Boxes Quilts Clothes Toys And So On. Please Follow The Instructions To Install Step By Step.

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